Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fall Risk!!

Okay, I just had to share this jewel with you guys... You know that you have problems when they make you wear one of these bracelets when you go to the doctor! Pretty funny.

Fall Risk!


Betsy said...

OOoohhh, I haven't gotten one of those yet! That's amusing.

Have you looked at Twitter yet for dysautonomia info? It's helped me learn some new things. My username is beeseason, and I have recently added some dys. folks who have informed me of some things.

I also tweeted your blog and how much I enjoy it. It was the first one I found about this disease when I was diagnosed last year, and your tips about sitting in a rolling chair for kitchen work and many others have helped me so much.

Thanks for your hard work on this site!

Rusty Hoe said...

Ha! Laughing with you not at you. When I was still working I helped form a falls risk minimisation protocol for out health service. Now I wear the bracelet LOL. I do think they should at least give us the option to bedazzle them or something to jazz them up :)

Betsy said...

One more thing: do you wear a MedicAlert bracelet? And if you do, do you find it helps? The times I've had to explain my illness to doctors at an ER, or any of my other doctors besides the one who diagnosed me, no one has even known what it was! I'm wondering if it would help me...

Thank you!

Lauren Butare-Smith, DVM said...

Hilarious, right? You gotta laugh. And bedazzling sounds nice...Fall Risk with flare!

Betsy--As far as twitter goes, I have an account (lmbutare) but am pretty bad about ever using it. It's a great idea though. Thanks for tweeting me! And I'm so glad that my blog has been helpful. I wish I could post more often, but it's hard as you know! Also, I don't currently have a medical bracelet, but I've been meaning to get one. It would really be helpful if anything happened without my husband there to explain everything. Currently I can't drive or leave the house by myself, so I've been putting it off I guess. Let me know if you get one and it's helpful. It is definitely on my list of to do's.

Vegan Danielle Davis said...

haha! yes, i have had those every time i am in the hospital! i get a giant purple piece of paper set on my lap that says 'latex allergy' and a bright band on my wrist that says 'fall risk!'....oh the joys of EDS and POTS! :P hope you are well, my dear! i have been having a rough time, and i have been reading that you are as well. hang in there and keep that chin up. it is just one day at a time! :D

Lauren Butare-Smith, DVM said...

Hope you feel better soon Danielle and thanks for your well wishes. Ah, the lovely roller coaster ride that is POTS!


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