Saturday, October 20, 2012

A New Freedom

Hi Everyone!
No, I'm not dead (despite what you must have thought since I have been MIA for so long).  I've been doing fairly well lately, actually, just really busy!  Things have been improving for me over the past few months due to changes in my treatments for Bartonella and Protomyxozoa rheumatica (a weird protozoa that has been found to often be present in those who are infected with Bartonella).  I'm planning on doing a series of posts on Bartonella and my long battle with it since I've alluded to it in the blog but never really covered it fully.

Here's something that has been a HUGE change for me recently...I've started driving again!  I haven't driven by myself in over 7 years because of my extreme dizziness, but it's finally safe for me to drive now.  My dizziness has hugely improved and I don't have to worry anymore about having a problem while driving.  It's very exciting to have a little bit of freedom reintroduced to my life.  I only drive once or twice a week, but since up until now I have been essentially trapped in my house at all times, it's a wonderful feeling for me.  And, my husband was so excited that I'm doing better, that he bought me a car to drive around in!  He's the best, isn't he?  I chose a practical, yet pretty, CRV. :)  It's great and I really love it.

So things are going pretty well here!  I'm certainly not normal by any stretch of the imagination, but just having the freedom to run to pick up drugs at the pharmacy, or go by the farmers market, has been really great for me.  I hope that all of you will soon be at the place where you can leave the house by yourself, if you aren't already.  I'm not taking any of it for granted!

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