Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot, hot, HOT

I’m finally back! Sorry once again for the horribly long delay but, as usual, I have had some rough times lately and have just not felt up to posting. But I’ve got an energy burst, so I’m back to say hello!

Well, this has been a rough summer, hasn’t it? The temperatures have been insane across the country. I recently read that Dallas has had over 30 days straight of temperatures in the triple digits!! Talk about a difficult summer for those with dysautonomia. I’ve been pretty much jailed inside my house for the summer due to the heat. I hope that you all are hanging in there and keeping as cool as possible.

Last summer I listed some Summer Tips for POTSies, and I thought I’d mention a few of those again for some ideas for how to stay cool for the rest of this summer (but check out last year’s post for a more complete list):

Frogg Toggs Chilly Dana: This bandana absorbs sweat and can keep you cool. Just keep it wet and its moisture will evaporate and continue cooling for hours.

Cooling scarves: These wraps contain crystals that hydrate after being soaked in water. They then have evaporative cooling action that works from hours to several days.

Personal Fans: Handheld fans with or without water sprays can be life savers once you really get overheated or to prevent that from happening.

Head Scarves: I find that sometimes I just need to get my hair all the way off of my neck, and wearing a scarf or bandana around your hair can be a great solution.

Sun hats: It always helps to keep the sun off of your face and neck as much as possible, so wear a hat if you can!

And, as always, HYDRATE! Whether it's water, or gatorade, or Kombucha (a new favorite), or Coconut Water, enjoy lots of it! Good luck staying cool and healthy everyone.

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