Monday, November 9, 2009

Eating Healthy in a Dirty World

Everyone "knows" that a healthy diet is important for a healthy life. But how many of us really eat in a very healthy way? I know that over the years I have been guilty of having a severe sweet tooth, other people I know are addicted to fast food, others to white bread. Well, my hubby and I have finally been following an extremely healthy diet for several months now. We gave up all sugar, wheat, caffeine, dairy, eggs, and beef as a kind of "detox", and then have slowly added some of the foods back in (like eggs, whole grain breads, some dairy, and organic beef).

Torture, right? Well, it actually hasn't been as bad as it sounds. The first week SUCKS, but then you get more used to it and it's not quite as difficult as long as you plan ahead. It really made me realize that I was super addicted to wheat and sugar, while my husband is addicted to caffeine and fried foods. I was really able to stop my sugar cravings after the first week, and it's kind of nice not to be ruled by my cravings. Adam's energy has been much higher while on the diet (mine is not quite as simple, but I definitely feel cleaner).

That being said, I still don't think I'll be able to stay on a diet this strict forever, but I think it has been really good for us to do it. Hopefully, it will lead to us making better choices in the future for what and how to eat, and to try to keep our diets as "clean" as possible. I really do think that I have been feeling better while I've been on it...just less sluggish and heavy. Oh, and you also lose weight eating like this, which is a bonus! The diet we have been following is from the book Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hyman. He is an MD, and has great recommendations on how to eat as well as what supplements to try to be able to correct any imbalances you may have. You can even download some of his book for free on his website. I highly recommend it! I hope that everyone tries to eat as healthy as they can and Good Luck!

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