Monday, November 17, 2008

What's Next?

I've been trying to figure out what topic to talk about next (since their are tons), hence my fun delay tactic for Halloween. ;)

I've decided that Treatments are probably some of the most important things to go over here, but it is certainly not going to be a short series of posts; so, I think I'm going to go over treatments but intersperse the posts with product reviews of useful items to get if you have a chronic illness or possible gifts to give sick friends. I may also have to do a Thanksgiving post of some sort b/c my husband Adam is insisting on seeing a "turkey lemon" of some sort created... I suppose I have to do as he asks every once in a while!

So look for posts on Treatments and Assistive devices over the next few months. Don't worry, it won't get too boring b/c I don't want to bore myself either. And if I'm having a tough couple of weeks, I may put "placeholder" posts about my dogs or something like that...

Stay tuned!

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